What We Eat on a Typical Day

Another Friday, another wonderful weekend ahead. We actually have no plans again this weekend, which is OKAY with us. We have had quite the summer, so a weekend of relaxing is just fine.  

Our week has looked like this: Monday 7 mile run at a moderate pace, Tuesday 7 mile run at an easy pace, Wednesday 8 mile run at an easy pace, Thursday 8 mile run at a moderate pace with 10 x 30 second pickups thrown in, and today we did another 8 mile easy run. We felt really good today, so tomorrow we will be doing 10 miles at a moderate pace. We are slowly building back up and listening to our bodies to gauge how much to push ourselves each week. We should be back to regular speed work type of stuff by mid-September, but that totally depends on how our bodies are recovering. We are trying to keep the pressure off and just enjoy the running.

Todd morning before run Aug 2016
Todd is clearly full of excitement about the upcoming run.


Today I want to talk just a tad bit about our eating habits on a daily basis. I think it is easier to see a schedule, so here’s a glimpse of a regular day (One caveat, my eating will change slightly when I am traveling. It is still very much plant and fruit heavy, but just different foods based on what is available). 

Em Breakfast: Red apple, yogurt, oatmeal, natural peanut butter

Todd Breakfast: Oatmeal and granola

Em Lunch: Tuna and egg sandwich on whole wheat bread, large whole carrot, cold banana (yep, I eat them from the fridge – try it before you make a judgment)

Todd Lunch: Natural peanut butter on whole wheat bread, pretzels, yogurt, large whole carrot, and banana (not cold – he doesn’t get it)

Em Snack: Nuts of some sort (I like all kinds but typically do almonds, pistachios, or whole peanuts)

Em Dinner: Big plate of veggies, including spinach, broccoli, carrots, peas, and green beans and also beans (a mixture we do of black beans and others blended in the blender with cooked onions and extra virgin olive oil). If other things are in season, such as tomatoes, then I pile those on (my mommy brought up a bunch of these yummy tomatoes so they have been appearing at each of my dinners this week). Sometimes, I use whole iceberg lettuce to make a lettuce wrap of veggies and beans.

Todd Dinner: About once every other month, Todd makes a big batch of soup full of all kinds of veggies and a few cans of chunk chicken. Then, he freezes it in batches and thaws out one at a time to eat over the next few months. His typical dinner is a big bowl of this soup, plus some of the bean mixture on the side with some crackers or with carrots for dipping.

Em Dessert: Oatmeal, cinnamon, and natural peanut butter

Todd Dessert: Low sugar cereal of some sort (typically Toasted O’s – aka off-brand Cheerios) and 2% milk 

Em dinner Aug 2016

We get some questions along the lines of “You eat this every day? How do you not get sick of it?” Our response is that, for us, every time we eat is an exciting time, so we truly do get excited about each of our meals and snacks. We feel that, by keeping it routine, we eliminate a lot of extra time and thought. We know exactly what to buy at the grocery each week – down to the exact number of carrots and bananas. We also are never tempted by having many options or by the question “what should we have for dinner tonight?” We always know what we are having on Monday through Friday, so it saves a lot of time and planning. Also, it saves money because we never waste food and we rarely eat out. Now, the weekends are different and can vary based on where we are for the weekend. For example, weekends spent with Todd’s parents or my mom often result in home cooked meals which we rarely turn down. We also let our guard down quite a bit more on the weekends. So, if my dad comes up with his girlfriend and they want to try a new restaurant, we are all for it. Balance is key and splurging but not going overboard every weekend helps us to maintain our version of balance.  

We would love to hear about your typical day of eating, so share a comment with us please! Have a great weekend and we will talk again next week!


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Yes to all of this! Glad to find some other ultra runners on the web! Love oats with pb and/or honey!


    1. Mmm… honey does sound good with my oats. I may have to try that. Thank you for reading the blog and commenting.


  2. Yes to cold bananas and lots of vegetables!


    1. I even like my cold bananas a bit over ripe. Thank you for reading and commenting


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