Date Night and Fastest Run Since May

This weekend was fun-filled and run-filled…just the way we like it! 

We kicked off Saturday with a new training period. Todd set a goal for me to hit 10 miles at 8:15s/mile and I decided to smash that assignment. We ended up going over on mileage because we wanted to do a hillier course so we went 11.5 miles at 7:55s. I was very pleased with my ability to push myself a bit harder, given it has been since May that I have actually done some good speed pushing. Not that this is what I would call “speedy” for me when I am in the midst of a training cycle, but, to start the cycle, this is fast for me. I kept warning Coach Todd that he does not need to reset my expected times for the next few weeks just because I hit this run harder than he expected. I mean, I like to exceed expectations and all, but I just don’t want to set up pressure to have to always exceed Coach’s expectations. 

We then celebrated with a date night because it has also been since about May that I have actually dressed up and wore makeup.

Em Before Date Night II Aug 2016

We started off with some celebratory drinks. We decided we were kind of just celebrating the whole season, because, while we tried to take time to cherish our accomplishments throughout the summer, you can never celebrate too much. We were especially thankful to God for giving us the ability and desire to break our most mileage ever in one race this summer and also to match our Badwater mileage in another. We have also felt really recovered of late, so we have that to be thankful for, too, especially since we have a lot of miles on our legs!

Drinks at Bone Fish Aug 2016

Not pictured is the edamame and spicy fried shrimp. I typically don’t love spicy food, but I do love this dish. Then we headed home to watch some Olympics. I am sad that it is over but very proud of our awesome country and of all the countries and athletes that tried so hard and gave it their all out there.  

 Sunday started off with 10 early and easy miles and then church and church class, so about 3 hours of church and then the grocery and back home to pack lunches and prepare for the week. The rest of the day was spent per our typical: reading, cross word puzzling, coloring, watching more Olympics, and then early to bed so that we could start this week off right. An 8.5 mile Monday run with 10 x 1 minute pickups. Now…breakfast and work.  

Have a marvelous Monday!


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  1. Congrats on your amazing run! I think a date night is a great way to celebrate something like that.


    1. Yes, we greatly enjoyed it. Thank you for reading the blog and commenting.


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