Some Tempo and Our Typical Core Work

We did an easy 9 miles on Tuesday morning followed by an easy 5 miles Tuesday evening. Wednesday was our first “tempo” run in quite some time. It is in quotes here because, while I beat Coach Todd’s goal for me of 6 miles at 7:45 – I did them at 7:34s, this pace is not even close to the pace at which I was doing this run back in the spring. BUT, I know that the long miles of ultra racing over the summer do take a toll on our legs, so we have to be patient in introducing speed back into the mix. We like to do a hilly route, but it is pretty dark in the early mornings, so Todd sported his head lamp.

Todd Headlamp Aug 2016

Monday night we did 20 minutes of leg work and, let me tell you, my legs have been VERY SORE since I woke up on Tuesday morning. We considered moving our tempo run to Thursday but went ahead and pushed ourselves on tired legs. I felt good about the result given how weak my legs felt. We are planning to do leg work 3 times per week in this training cycle, so, hopefully, the soreness wears off quickly.

We also get asked about our core work, so I figured I would let you know what we do for our typical routine. I try to get this in about 4 times per week, since it does not take that long to run through the routine.

2 minutes regular front plank

1 minute side plank on each side

2 minutes regular front plank

100 bicycle crunches

Em Plank Aug 2016Em Side Plank Aug 2016

We are also trying to stretch after each run. Just 2-3 minutes works best for us. We have found that when we try to stretch more, we get injured more easily. I can touch my toes again, though, so I count that as a win (this was very near impossible in between our ultra races this summer).

Wed Bananas Aug 2016
Random banana picture because bananas are good, especially when they just start turning brown.


I am traveling in the Sunshine State again today/tomorrow, so have a lovely weekend and we will talk to you again on Monday.


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