How I Keep It Healthy While Traveling

Happy last Monday in August to you all! I am going to take a moment today to recap some of my travel foods and workouts from last week, as I get asked often how I keep up my training and eating healthy since I travel quite a bit for my job. But, first, a fun picture of Todd from yesterday afternoon.

Todd asleep aug 2016 

Yes, he is fully asleep AND holding his book completely upright. He is a man of many talents. I guess he was a bit tired after our weekend of running. We kicked off the weekend with a 16 mile hilly run on Saturday morning. We did a one mile warmup and one mile cool down with the miles in between pushing it. The “pushing it” only equated to 8:05’s average for me but, after some convincing from coach Todd, I was okay with that pace. He reminded me that it was a super hilly run and it was very humid and hot. He also correctly reminded me that it has been several months since I have pushed myself for speed for that many miles. PATIENCE is the key to the training game right now and I just need to do the best I can at each workout and make sure that I am still having FUN out there because that is ultimately what it’s about. 

Onto a question I get a lot about how I stay in line with my training and eating healthy while traveling. I typically travel anywhere from 2-3 times per month, but, fortunately, my trips are most often only 2-3 days. My routine is to fly out in the morning on Tuesday or Wednesday (last week it was Thursday, but that is more of an anomaly). I get to the airport early because I do not like to do the panic run through the airport. I can work from the terminal, so nothing is lost by getting there early but I do gain some sanity time. I then grab a coffee, fill up my water bottle and settle into my work with full hydration and a healthy snack (an apple does me well).

Em apple Aug 2016

If I have to eat breakfast in the airport, I try to grab fruit and some protein – either via a yogurt, low sugar cereal with white milk, or oatmeal – whatever is available.

Em Breakfast Tampa Aug 2016Em breakfast Aug 2016

For lunch, I can usually find a salad with some protein or a fresh made sandwich. I tend to shy away from the packaged sandwiches because of all the preservatives listed on the ingredients. My goal is to eat things with few ingredients. It’s just a goal I made up but it seems to work to keep me on the healthier side when I have to eat packaged foods.

 If I am traveling by myself and do not have a scheduled work dinner, then I typically opt for room service mainly because it allows me to get to sleep earlier than going out and waiting at a restaurant. Last Thursday, I had an ahi tuna salad and a side of steamed Brussel sprouts.

Em dinner Tampa Aug 2016

I always ask them to steam the vegetables, even if it is not listed as an option on the menu and they typically will accommodate. This makes it a healthier option versus the extra butter they typically add to veggie sides. For dessert, I bring along travel size peanut butter containers (they are small enough to meet the airport security requirements because they fit in my zip lock bag with my travel toothpaste) and then buy a banana.  

For my workout, I do opt for the dreaded treadmill. I just would rather not worry about my surroundings in an area I do not know. This is the only time in my training that I listen to something while running. I typically listen to one running podcast and then music the rest of the time. This past Friday, I did 10 easy treadmill miles followed by some leg and core work. It meant I had to get up at early o’clock, but sacrifices do have to be made sometimes. That is why it is called “training” and not “sleeping and ignoring responsibilities and commitments.”


So, as you can see, it IS possible to live a healthy live while on the road. You just have to do a little planning, mix in some will power (to resist the ice cream and French fries that surround you at the airport), and stir in some good old fashioned stick-to-it-ness.  

We are curious: Do you travel during training? If so, how do you stay healthy while on the road? Let us know in the COMMENTS.  

Have a fabulous day and we will talk to you later this week!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Sarah Feinberg says:

    Great post! I definitely struggle with eating healthy when I’m traveling for work, especially because I usually travel with co-workers who make unhealthy decisions (wine, pizza, fried food etc.) but try and stay on track. I’ve gotta stock up on apples and bananas!

    I found you through my co-worker who recently sat next to you on a flight! Excited to have a new blog to follow!!


    1. Yes, it is difficult when everyone around you is eating unhealthy, but keep up the good work!

      Which flight was it that I met your friend? Hopefully they caught me eating something healthy;)


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