Happy Labor Day!

We are wishing you each a blessed Labor Day. We hope that you get to spend this glorious weekend doing something you enjoy with people you love! We will be visiting family in Lexington and running a fast (for me!) long run tomorrow. Our plans are also filled with lots of eating and sleeping. I WILL remember to take lots of pictures (or at least some) because I am the worst blogger ever and always forget to do so.

Em Red Bull Flugtag Aug 2016

 We are starting to do more two-a-day workouts now that we are recovered from the high mileage races this past summer. In order to make this work, we really listen to our bodies during this phase. If we start to feel very sluggish or super sore, then we back off. So far, so good. Another key to this phase of training is to eat for recovery. We make sure we are eating within an hour after each run and that we are eating fat and protein and tons of veggies.

Em Salad May 2016

 This week’s morning running went a bit like this: Monday 8 miles with 10 x 1.5 minute sprints, Tuesday easy 8 miles, Wednesday 1 mile warmup/1 mile cool down with 6 miles in between at 7:40 pace, Thursday easy 8, and Friday easy 10. We round our mileage down, so we likely did another mile or two in there (example: if we do 8.7 then we still call this 8, and this happens fairly often given we just run some routes and add on according to where we wish to explore).

Todd Pre Run June 2016

 After every run morning run (Monday through Friday) we do a little core routine of 2 minutes front planks (all the way up on our hands), 1 minute side plank left then 1 minute side plank right, and then 2 minutes front plank. This gets us 6 solid minutes of planking. One fun fact: it NEVER feels easier. Shouldn’t planks get easier the more you do them? One of life’s mysteries.

Em Plank Aug 2016 This week’s evening workouts looked a little like this: Monday ran down to the water and did 20 minutes of strength training (lunges, stair jumps, squats, burpees, mountain climbers), Tuesday 5 mile easy fun run, Wednesday 5 mile easy fun run and Pilates style side leg work (leg lifts, hurdles, clamshells, etc), and Thursday more strength training (a lot of the same as Monday with some other stuff thrown in for spice). Fridays we will not do extra evening stuff as Saturdays will be faster paced long run (20 miles tomorrow).

Em squat Jan 16

 Now, off to start the workday and get some things accomplished so that we can relax into this fabulous weekend ahead. Talk to you all next week!




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