Our Labor Day of Running and Eating

The title pretty much sums up our Labor Day. We ran. We ate. We repeated! 

Saturday was a little longer than we expected/planned. We headed out for a 20 mile run with plans to do a 1 mile warmup and 1 mile cool down, with 18 miles at a moderate pace in between. However, we got a bit far from home and ended with a 6 mile cool down for a total of 25 miles. We followed this up with 15 miles easy on Sunday and another 15 miles slightly faster than easy on Monday.


We started today with 8 miles and some speed plays thrown in: 3 x 1 miles fast with 0.5 miles easy in between and then 8 x 1 minute pickups. I have a slight twinge going down with the muscle that runs between my left knee and left hip flexor, so I am making sure to do lots of stretching and foam rolling. Once I am warmed up in the run, it feels much better but first thing out on cold muscles and it is not pleasant. We are just going to watch this for a bit and make sure it is getting better. No need to ever overdo it, especially with my next race two months away.  

There was tons of good salmon, vegetables, and seafood salad consumed by me this weekend.


I also did a number on some fruit, bagels, and cereal. Todd enjoyed all of this (minus the bagels) plus yummy cheese dip, crackers, pork, bean salad, berries and cottage cheese, and cupcakes. He is a bit more diverse in his eating. We are both very consistent throughout the week, as you can see in this post (link to August 19 – What we eat on a typical day), but I tend, even in our more spontaneous weekends like those spent at the in-laws, to stick to what I love. Oddly enough, there was very minimal peanut butter in my life these past few days. I am looking forward to returning to my PB + oatmeal nighttime routine. Absence makes me love my favorite food even more. Maybe I will eat some PB with my lunch…yes, yes, I think I will.

Merrill's Mile 2016 Em and P butter

Off to work and the joy of a short work week. Blessings to you all and we will talk to you later this week!

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  1. Great job! I did 20 over the weekend, then topped it off with a few more miles Sunday to get in 62 miles total last week. Are you all training for another ultra? Keep it up and enjoy the short work week!


    1. Very nicely done with the running! We have a 50 mile race at the beginning of November. Thank you for reading the blog and commenting.


      1. Awesome! I did my first 50 miler back in May and loved it! Already planning on my next one. And you’re welcome!


  2. Sounds like you’ll be ready for an ultra with all of those training miles. It’s great that you get to train together!


    1. Yes, we are very blessed to both be passionate about running and doing it together. Thank you for reading the blog and commenting.


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