Injury Frustration…I Keep Falling!!!

I come to you today not from Kentucky but from the Stinky State called Frustration. Before I proceed with my pity party, I will just say that I am an extremely blessed individual. I have a husband that God crafted specifically for me and whom I fall more and more in love with each day that I get to spend with him. I also have dear parents and in-laws and a sister and sister and brother in-laws who all care about us and include us in their family gatherings and whatnot. I have a wonderful job that is flexible and work with tremendous people. I have a very supportive church. I have food to eat that fills my belly with goodness and wholesome nutrients.



Net – I know that I have way more than I deserve. HOWEVER, sometimes I still just fall (literally) into a state of frustration with myself…and it typically revolves around my running ventures. We headed out on Saturday, which happened to be my birthday, with the plans to run >15 miles on the trails.

Before picture in which I was just partially frustrated at myself due to a fall earlier in the week.

I will step back and tell you that my injury that I referenced last week has persisted. So, when we were running on Wednesday morning, I was hurting a bit and we were in a dark stretch and I did not pick up my feet properly and I fell. HARD. I scraped up my knee and my hand pretty badly. I was just flat out mad at myself because I am just too clumsy for words sometimes = frustration #1 for the week. Back to the trails on Saturday. I got stung by a nasty bee about 4 miles into the trail and my calf swelled up and burned, burned, burned = frustration #2 for the week.  Next up, another few miles in with my calf still hurting very, very much and – you guessed it – I fell again. On the same knee, and the same hand. I cried. Then I cried some more. Then I got up and kept running, while still crying = frustration #3 for the week. And, to top it all off, we were about 3 miles from finishing up our now shortened 14 mile run (due to me being plain old DONE with this running thing for today) when, yep – you guessed it – I fell again. Same knee, same hand = frustration #4 for the week.

After getting my stuff kicked on the trail.



Since I am allowing myself a few more hours of pity partying, I will just say that I do not like to fall and it is not helping my nagging groin/hamstring issue. With that, I am going to sign off for today so as not to bring you down into my Stinky State. It is not a good place to be, so I am just going to chill here and visit for another few hours and then I am packing up my bags and heading back to Positive Town. I hope you are already there on this Monday and can save me a seat.

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  1. Jenny says:

    Sorry to hear all this- it does sound frustrating and unpleasant! I’m especially keeping my fingers crossed about that nagging pain in your leg. I’ve recently found a sports chiropractor that I love- now even if I have a “pre-injury” I get myself to him so he can work on the area. It seems to keep them from turning into anything major. Anyway good luck with it. Thanks for blogging- I enjoy it!


    1. Thanks for the comment and encouragement! We have been taking the last few days nice and easy. Just some walking and core work. I need to learn to be more patient with slight injuries so that they don’t turn into major ones. Yes, I agree that having a good go-to PT or massage person can make all the difference.


  2. Ouch – that looks painful. I’m sorry you’re going through a tough time! I hope things get better for you soon.


    1. Thanks for your comment, Lisa! I have been taking some time to rest and recover a bit. I know I am just SO impatient sometimes with my running. I have to always remind myself that running is a joY and not a joB!


    2. Thank you for the comment and well wishes. I appreciate you reading the blog. Have a good weekend.


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