Injury Blues and Sorry for the Lapse in Posting!

For those of you wondering, we are still alive!!! 

We want to offer our sincere apologies for the extremely long delay in posting. I had the most stubborn injury I have ever had in my running career (and that says a lot because I am quite injury prone). I did not go to the doctor to get officially diagnosed, because I am about 99% certain he/she would have prescribed a non-running period for recovery, and, knowing that, I just did that on my own versus paying to have someone tell me. I had extreme pain in my groin and hip area. It actually started right before the Dayton Air Force Marathon that we paced on September 17, but I just toughed it out and paced anyway. Well, a few days after that smart move, I could barely walk. The elliptical did not feel very good either, so I just basically did nothing for four straight weeks. Then I super slowly started adding back in run/walking and got up to three miles of running with minimal pain before trying to go any further. I spent a lot of time stretching and foam rolling.


I still have some pain, especially in the first 1-2 miles of runs, and I cannot go very fast, but we are slowly building up our mileage and speed again. This past weekend, we did an easy 16 on Saturday followed by a faster 16 on Sunday. Running – how I missed you!


I will just go ahead and admit that I had some injury blues, though I do think it was much better than past injuries in terms of my mindset. I stayed positive and kept telling myself that this would not last forever. I really did stay in the moment more in stead of wishing away the injury period. I read a lot and spent time doing other needed things (cleaning the house, catching up on life goals). I also began to rethink my nutrition a bit and decided that I need to incorporate more carbs back into my life. When I struggled with a reaction to too much sugar in 2013, I cut out a lot of carbs in order to drastically reduce my refined sugar intake. However, I think I rebuilt my gut in a good way and I also realized that there are a lot of great carbs that have minimal sugar (hello, oatmeal!). I love potatoes, so a 10 pound bag was purchased this weekend and will likely be consumed 100% by me over the next few weeks. I *may* let Todd have one or two from MY bag.


Don’t worry, Todd enjoyed his own idea of a food party. We lucked into a lot of free tacos last week, so he saved them for his Saturday night chow down.


Thanks for sticking with us through our break. Talk to you soon!

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