Work, Run, Sleep, Eat, Pray

Yep, that about sums up our life this week. We have both been pretty busy in the work world, so it has been one of those weeks that, by the time I look at the clock, it is already lunchtime and then next thing I know it is 5:00. Todd was supposed to possibly travel for work this weekend but now he is not, so I am CRAZY happy for that awesome change. Plus, this has just been a good week in general for us due to other national news reasons and we are super happy folk and I will just leave it at that.


We have been running 8-9 miles each weekday morning, so that means up at 4:55.


Yeah, Todd is a weirdo and refuses to set the alarm for 5:00, though it really would not make that much of a difference and it would help me to feel like just a tad bit more of a “normal” human being to wake up with a 5 as the first digit versus a 4, but that’s my husband. After almost 10 years of marriage, I realize there is not changing so I just accept this little oddity. Us getting up at the crack means that we are trying to be in bed at 7:45, then we read for 45 minutes and then asleep at 8:30. I have been sleeping HARD lately so I can tell the miles are wearing me out. That is a good feeling in my opinion. All the miles also result in me wanting to eat all the things. I am constantly playing with my diet and recently decided that I may need a little honey in my life, so I have been mixing a tad with my oatmeal/cinnamon/PB concoction of late.  

Last, but certainly not least in any way/shape/form, we are praying a lot lately. We have been blessed to be asked to be premarital counselors for couples in our church, so that is taking up some time and we are spending time in prayer for the folks God has called us to minister to. We are also praying for our nation and the unity that it so greatly needs. Finally, we pray each day to give thanks to God for giving us each other and the joy of running and the joy of doing all these things together. Though the title of this post may imply that we have boring lives, Todd and I would not have it any other way. We get to “Ultra for the Love of It” every day and for that we are truly, truly blessed! 

Praying you each are having a blessed day and have fabulous weekend plans!

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  1. bellofan says:

    anyone that can run 8 miles a day is blessed with good legs which means good health. So happy that your injury is better and is letting you do what you love. I need to find out your concocion because David is back into oatmeal for breakfast!! Love you both!! And praying – right back at ya!!!


  2. mobilebayrunner says:

    This totally sums up just about every week of my life too! My husband and I train together in the mornings as well and it is definitely nice to have a built in running buddy! That is awesome that you are able to minister to young and/or engaged couples at your church.


  3. Thanks for the kind comment…now if I can just get over this nagging injury!!!


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