Happy 2020 and Welcome Back Us!

Happy 2020! Everyone is so full of resolutions so I thought I would jump on the bandwagon. My 2020 resolution is to start blogging again. Oh yeah, and run Laz’s brand new 333ish mile torture race called HOTS in June. Somehow, the blogging regularly seems more daunting to me right now. Only kidding. Not really, but sort of.

Okay, enough of that. Let’s catch up on what the Ultra Run Couple has been doing since our last blog, which was, let’s see…in JANUARY 2017. Some things…we ran a 200 miler in May of 2017, so that was interesting. One of my future blog posts will be all about that race/training/etc.

1.6.20 #2.jpg
No, we are not drunk. These are the faces of “I have been running for 66 hours and have no idea what time it is or where I am but they just handed me this buckle so I guess that means it’s over.”

I also had a metatarsal stress fracture in 2017, then a tibial stress fracture in early 2018, followed by my nagging hamstring turning into unbearable pain/lack of range of motion/inability to tolerate it any longer which led to me not starting the National 24 Hour Championships in September of 2018, and finally a hip labrum tear in November 2018. All of this, and I wasn’t really running a ton of miles – averaging about 60/week for the brief stretches when I wasn’t injured. Fun!

Let’s talk about the labrum tear for a minute. The labrum tear was the final straw for me and I decided that something had to change. That injury made it almost impossible for me to walk, much less run, so I made the decision to take time completely off. Yes, completely. No running, no walking, no elliptical, only PT exercises. When the tear first hit, we were finishing up a 15 mile run the Saturday after Thanksgiving and we were about 2 miles from home. I felt a super sharp pain and honestly thought that I had a stress fracture in my sacrum. We basically hobbled back home and I proceeded to get worse over the course of the rest of that day and the next to the point that, by Monday, I could barely move. I didn’t want to go to the doctor because I was fairly certain it was a stress fracture and I did not want to fork out the $1,200 for an MRI in the last few weeks of my insurance plan year. So, I was super stubborn and borrowed some crutches from my mom and just crutched around for a few weeks. Then I slowly started walking without crutches and scheduled a doctor’s appointment and X-ray. I figured that, by that point, a stress fracture would likely show up on an X-ray since it had been a few weeks. (Let me take this minute to tell you that I am notorious for self-diagnosing and I am IN NO WAY telling you that this is a good idea. So please do not repeat my path. Be smart and listen to your body when you have an injury and go to the doctor if you feel it is needed.) My X-ray came back completely clean, and the tech actually said it looked like I had really solid bones, so I was stumped. I then went to a trusted PT and she immediately told me she thought it was a labrum tear. She said the recommendation is typically surgery BUT I was already a bit past the point of surgery since I had waited so long. She said she thought we should try aggressive PT. At this time, I also came to face the truth that I was still not over a disordered eating pattern that had been going on for years. I was trying to run 100 milers on a 97 lb, 5 foot 4 inch frame, which just did not make since for my body type. So, I addressed this head on and gained 15 lbs. Yep, 15 lbs while not running or exercising one bit. I will go into this more on a future post, but let’s summarize that time to say: IT. WAS. DIFFICULT.

1.6.20 #1.jpg

Fast forward to summer of 2019 and Todd and I decided we wanted to run VOL State in 2020. We had tried to sign up for 2019, but it sold out too quickly. So, we got ready and were set to sign up for 2020, but what I am dubbing “The Great Sign-up Debacle” took place and we were told we got into VOL State, but then we didn’t really get in, so then Laz created another race called HOTS and got us into that…and instead of running 314 miles in July, we are running 333 miles in June.

I realize this is a lot for my first post back, so let’s wrap this up. Please stay tuned for future posts. I will be writing all about our prep, going into detail about diet, how I gained weight and how I plan to gain more, injury prevention, daily running, etc. It’s going to be a fun 6 months and I know you will want to read along. Now, go chase your own resolutions and I will see you back here tomorrow. Yes, I committed to tomorrow – I think the resolution experts say to state your goals publicly or some nonsense, so maybe this will work for me.

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