Still Alive and Now Kicking Once More

Hello friends! I wanted to post a quick update since we have entered a new year (happy 2017 to you all) and I am making some “life improvement commitments” since Todd does not like “resolutions.” We are finally back to running after the longest injury in Emily’s running history. My groin pain turned into piriformis pain which turned into a debilitating injury that prevented me from walking normally. To recap, this injury started before we paced the Dayton Air Force Marathon on September 17 and lasted until the week prior to Christmas. This resulted in LOTS of days with ZERO running. I basically lost all motivation because we just could not figure out what was up. Well, I think we finally may have figured out what works for me – YOGA. I have been resisting yoga since I started running in 2004. I thought it was too easy and boring, but, boy was I ever wrong! It is very difficult but very good for my injury prone areas. 

Net, you will hear more from us now. However, we may not post every week. Since, for the most part, it is just friends and family who read this blog, we are going to use it more as a “newsletter” about what we are up to and also as a cool journal for us to look back on over time. We are currently planning our race schedule for 2017 and will let you know when we have decided on our next event.  

Talk to you soon!



One Comment Add yours

  1. bellofan says:

    Glad you are better! Looking so forward to seeing you both!! Love you!! xoxo


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