No Excuses and Onwards to 48 Hour Training!

Well friends, I did not have it in me on Saturday. I missed my goal time by 9 minutes and truly I have analyzed that race every way to Sunday and so has my lover boy. We just cannot figure out why I didn’t do better. No excuses. Yes, it was very rainy, but it was rainy last year, so who knows? I just know that I really enjoyed pushing myself hard in training and in the race.


Em KDF Marathon Finish Apr 16 

Another thing I know is that I am very excited for the training we are now headed into…getting ready for our 48 hour race on July 4th weekend! We have a very big goal of getting close to….200 MILES! It is a super stretch goal, but, hey, we are all about shooting big. I figure, if you aim really high, then even falling a little short is still rock star quality, right? With the weather turning awesome and it now being Todd’s favorite month of the year, we are free to run, run, run and (safely) rack up the beautiful miles.

 We hit up 10 miles this morning and I felt great…probably proof that I did not push hard enough on Saturday. Okay, that is the last I say of it. I allowed myself exactly 24 hours to wallow in my failure, but now my chin is up and I am heading into the super best time of the year – ULTRA SEASON!!!!

 What are you excited about RIGHT NOW?  

Any good May runs for you on the books yet?


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