Training, Training, Training, and Food Rationalization

Another solid weekend of training is in the books. We jumped around in the mud on Saturday on some very sloppy, so even more extra technical, trails. This is a before pic. Just picture this plus covered in mud and very wet and that is your after picture. 

Todd Jefferson Trail Sign May 2016

Seriously, I have to get better about taking pictures for the blog. By the time we finish runs like Saturday, though, all we can think about are a) warm showers and b) lots and lots and lots of food.

Dinner May 22 2016

Todd went for a little homemade nachos and I did some leftover pizza and veggies. We try to only eat one piece of pizza when we do have pizza, so we freeze the rest and slowly eat it over time. I rationalize that a piece is okay as long as the other half of the plate is “balanced out” with veggies, but I never claimed to be a nutritionist.  

Sunday’s run was 25 miles before church and then we topped it off with 12.5 miles of HILLS today. We are so blessed to be able to be entertained for hours by the simple, simple life pleasure of running together. Just think, in less than 2 weeks we get to do that for 24 hours straight and then just a month later for 48 straight hours. This is going to be a TERRIFIC summer!

What are you excited about for the summer?

Does anyone else out there rationalize certain food choices by “balancing out” with other foods?

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